How To Print From Android Phone To Epson Printer

How To Print From Android Phone To Epson Printer – YOGYAkarTA – In the age of technology that continues to produce printed materials, computers are no longer required. Users can do this using a smartphone connected to the printer.

An application that can be used to print documents using a smartphone is Epson Smart Panel. Software developed by Epson allows users to print multiple documents using a smartphone.

How To Print From Android Phone To Epson Printer

How To Print From Android Phone To Epson Printer

How it works is very simple. Users simply download the Epson Smart Panel and connect to the Epson printer using a local WiFi network.

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After that, users can use various functions available in it. Unfortunately, you can only connect apps with Epson printers that are supported by WiFi.

In addition to printing documents, users can also perform other functions such as scanning documents and using various software. It can make it easier for you when you need specific information.

Below, the team explains the features you can use in the Epson Smart Panel, such as printing documents and more.

The main feature of Epson Smart Panel is that it prints documents, photos, wallpapers and other content directly from the smartphone without connecting the cable from the printer to the computer.

Print Documents Easily Through Smartphones Using The Epson Smart Panel Application

With Epson Smart Panel, users simply use a smartphone connected to an Epson printer to print the desired document.

In addition, users can scan directly from the program. Users simply select the “Scan PDF / A4 / Color” feature in the Epson Smart Panel to scan documents.

Then, users can take a picture of the file they want to scan, such as a snapshot, and the program will be processed into the file you want.

How To Print From Android Phone To Epson Printer

Another feature available with the Epson Smart Panel is document printing. Users can insert a copy into the application and select “Copy color / font / normal” function.

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With this, users can set the document to be printed as needed so you don’t need to print it many times using the printer.

In addition, with Epson Smart Printer, users do not need to be near the printer. Therefore, you can copy documents or materials by doing many tasks to be more efficient.

Users can also use the Epson Smart Panel to check the ink in the printer to solve problems or errors.

These are the features of Epson Smart Panel that you can use from your smartphone to make your work easier, print documents and more.

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For example, mobile printing is possible thanks to the standard Android operating system for all smartphones or tablets. To run Androids, Epson has created an epson printer for Android. And with just a few clicks, any Android device will be able to search nearby Epson products and printers.

How To Print From Android Phone To Epson Printer

Please note that if the epson product is not on the screen, do not despair, because a simple touch can solve the problem. Tap all the printer icon and make sure that all the items appear, then click on it and select the item. The connection is now complete.

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Note that mobile and Android printing work hand in hand to enable devices (smartphones, tablets) to work wirelessly. epson app optimizes mobile devices that come with Android by connecting users to multiple epson inkjet and laser printers. With a wireless connection, everything is possible and can be copied, whether near the office or even halfway around the world.

All is really required mobile device must download epson print enabler in to connect and then print. How to print. All Data from your Android device – Mobile – Smartphones has now lost the need to save a report. However

Smartphones now dispose of the need to save a report, but if you must print, Android smartphones also allow you to do so. Unlike computers, mobile phones are too small and using them to print photos or reports can cause you a lot of stress. Copying from an Android smartphone is easy, but getting started with it can be a little confusing. In this way, as usual, we have a guarantor. Here are some tips that you can go ahead and start printing on your Android device:

The easiest way is to use Google’s Cloud Print feature, which is built into most smartphones. If you’re using an older Android device, you’ll need to download the Google Cloud Print app. Before you can start printing from your Android smartphone, you must connect your printer to Cloud Print. Here’s how:

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The minimal process is to use Google’s Cloud Print feature, which is integrated with most smartphones. If you’re using an older Android device, you’ll need to download Google Cloud Print. Before you start printing from your Android smartphone, you must add your printer to Cloud Print.

Step 1: First, make sure the printer is connected to your PC or Mac on the same network. Then go to the Google Chrome browser and click the Hamburger button in the upper right corner and enter “Settings”. Step 2:

In the Settings page, scroll down and click “Show advanced settings”. Then click “Manage” in the Google Cloud Print subsection.

How To Print From Android Phone To Epson Printer

You will then see the printer connected to Google Cloud Print, with the option to add a new printer. Click “Add Printer”.

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Step 4: The printer that is connected to the same WiFi network as you and is registered will be listed. Select the printer you want to connect and click “Add new printer”.

Note: Make sure that the printer is added to Cloud Print on the same Google account you use on your Android device, only then the printer will be synced with your device.

Once done, the printer will be added to your Google Account and you will see it on your Android device as well.

Open the image or file you want to print on your Android device. Click the three dot button on the right and select “Print”.

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The data will be stored in the Cloud Print application. Then use the menu from the top and select the printer you want to print from. Touch the printer icon and your document or image will be printed.

You can also use the printer software to print documents or photos over WiFi. This, surprisingly, is a good way in the event that you do not want to experience the impact of the integration of the printer on Google Chrome. You must first download your organization’s printer application or print a powerful electronic device to the printer in the Android Print menu. Here are the applications for other printers:

Once you have installed the necessary software for your printer, you need to make sure that your Android device and your printer are connected to the same WiFi network. We tested the HP ePrint software and it allows you to print images, documents (PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS and more), websites and emails. There are also options such as the ability to change copies. Paper size, different types, etc. The program also lists all HP printers connected to the same network, allowing you to choose easily.

How To Print From Android Phone To Epson Printer

Now you can connect your printer via USB cable or Bluetooth, but you need a printer that supports both. Unfortunately, Android doesn’t seem to support USB connections for printers. So you need to download a third party software like PrinterShare or PrintHand to connect to the USB printer.

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