Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn T Work

Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn T Work – There are many reasons why you may not be getting as many pages from your cartridges as you would expect based on what is written on the box. Obviously the pages you print require more ink than the standard “5% coverage” metric. However, another common and perhaps more solvable reason for low cartridge yield is clogged nozzles in the print head. This is a common problem that occurs with some printer brands more than others. For example, as good and economical as Epson printers are, they are also notorious for clogged printhead nozzles.

There are good reasons why this happens and stronger reasons why it happens with Epson printers. In other words, however, it is about the relationship between technological advancement and contraction in size. For example, most modern technological advances involve downsizing. In the case of printing, reducing the diameter of the printer nozzles really helps the print quality. So it’s a two-sided coin. Epson printers get clogged printhead nozzles because they offer very good print quality. Let’s explain.

Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn T Work

Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn T Work

Here’s a myth: You will never clog printhead nozzles if you use original or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges.

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Here’s another myth: you won’t clog the printhead nozzles if you keep running printhead cleaning cycles.

Both of these myths mislead most printer users. They are both wrong, of course. If you use generic or compatible cartridges from a trusted aftermarket company or third-party vendor, it will be the same as if you were using original cartridges. After all, it’s just a can that contains ink. Most printer users have discovered this and ended up saving a lot because of it.

Other myths are more difficult to disprove because of the nuances involved. Printhead cleaning cycles are useful for removing air blocks from the nozzles. In some cases, they can help with dried paint, but the problem must be small enough for them to help. Solid liquids can always hold liquids if they are thick enough. With regular use, the dried paint will thicken your nozzles enough.

If you’re running too many printhead cleaning cycles to combat it, you’ll have a timeout. All the ink that the printhead cycles through the nozzle to unblock it, where do you think it’s going? It stays put and dries up again after a day or two. This is why you get clear prints after running multiple printhead cleaning cycles only to face the same problem again the next day.

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This is the obvious solution with most printers because their print heads are detachable. This is also why many OEMs design their printers in such a way that the print heads are part of the cartridges as opposed to the printers. However, in the case of Epson printers, this is a problem. Remember how good the print quality of Epson printers was? Well, this is made possible by their particularly advanced print heads. This, in turn, is possible because print heads are a permanent part of printers.

They are not easy to remove without for the common man. This means you can’t unlock them or pop them out to delete them. Since you can’t erase them, the problem of clogged print head nozzles is even more annoying. Invariably, this means you have to really dig into the manual with multiple tools to get the printhead out or call for service.

One requires an extra investment of time, which is important, while the other means spending more money. Neither of these options is attractive to a printer owner, especially since printers cost a pretty penny to buy and operate these days. A better option is to prevent this problem from happening in the first place.

Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn T Work

The main culprit in the problem of clogged print head nozzles, whether in Epson printers or otherwise, is air. The airlock is common, especially since nozzles are getting smaller with each advancement in technology. The other big culprit is, of course, dry ink.

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However, in addition to these suspects, you should also consider dust. Dust often accentuates the problem. Air can pick up dust inside the nozzles, while paint can become small pieces of dirt when mixed with dust. It is an undeniable fact that dirty printers clog printer nozzles more easily. This means that regularly cleaning your printer becomes more important than you might think.

Keeping the printer clean is an exercise in common sense. Keeping the outside clean reduces the likelihood of the inside parts getting dirty and makes it look better. However, cleaning the interior is where you need to be careful. Subtlety is the first rule of thumb as some parts are delicate and based on precision engineering. Next, using lint-free wipes or cloths is essential or the lint itself will block the printhead nozzles.

The best way to clean the inside of a printer is with an air duster or vacuum. You remove the dust or vacuum it. The latter is a better choice because it is more honest and reliable.

All printers have this system where they run a small print head cleaning cycle when they are turned on. This can be called anything from a maintenance cycle to a “preparation” in the manual. What exactly is just a mini print head cleaning cycle? In this cycle, the printer ejects some ink through the nozzles to keep them lubricated.

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These cycles benefit the printer and reduce the chances of clogging the print head nozzles. The problem is that most printer owners never turn off their printers. If you don’t turn it off, it will never turn on. This means that these mini-cycles cannot work and protect you. Therefore, it is always a good idea to turn off the printer at night. When you open it in the morning, you can hear the happy hum of this cycle.

This is the traditional advice when it comes to printer maintenance. Whether it’s air, dust or dried ink, your printer will only have a clogged nozzle if you don’t use it often. If you use it regularly, ink will flow through it regularly. This regular flow will avoid the creation of any negative air pressure, dust entering the opening and drying the paint in it.

Therefore, one of the easiest and simplest ways to deal with the printhead nozzle clogging problem in Epson printers is to use them regularly. Ideally, you should look at the minimum recommended monthly duty cycle and try to calculate what that means in terms of daily printing. Even if you manage to accomplish half of this goal every day, your printer needs to be safe and reliable.

Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn T Work

It’s almost problematic to run a print cleaning cycle when you see something in production quality.

Damaged Printhead/printer Head

It is very easy to post junk print cleaning cycles when the problem is not solved. However, this addiction or obsession must be resisted.

You cannot run more than three print cleaning cycles at a time. Performing more than three such cycles will result in ink pooling in the print head nozzles.

And, as we have already learned, this paint will soon dry and bring you problems, if not tomorrow, then soon.

In an ideal world, you’d be able to use genuine cartridges, but the Razor Blade business model adopted by all printer OEMs means that OEM cartridges are very expensive. Even wealthy individuals find it difficult to afford the cost of constant ink cartridge replacement. Estimates show that the cost of paint is higher than gasoline, Chanel perfume and even blood. Therefore, it is unrealistic for anyone to expect you to use only original cartridges.

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Compatible or generic cartridges are alternatives. If you find the right dealer for these cartridges, you can save tons of money without compromising on quality or maintenance costs. When it comes to compatible or aftermarket cartridges, cost and quality don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Just look at the prices we offer at Inkjet Wholesale and see the quality you get for these prices. Before you buy another printer, try our fix on how to clean print heads! Less landfill = a happier planet and, as our motto says, good planets are hard to find!

The most useful tool in our crafting arsenal is our home printer; That is necessary. But in the last few days it printed incorrectly at first and then printed completely blank pages. Not a bad thing when you need prints for your next senior craft project!

With so many people working from home today, it’s more important than ever to have a printer in good working order.

Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn T Work

If you’re getting poor prints or blank pages, try the easy stuff first. Do a nose test and then try

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