How To Change The Ink Cartridge In An Epson Wf-3620

How To Change The Ink Cartridge In An Epson Wf-3620 – Before you begin HP 3630 Ink Replacement Step-by-Step Tip 1. First, buy new and genuine HP ink cartridges.

Get them at office supply stores like Staples and OfficeMax, and places with big electronics stores like Walmart. Or you can buy directly from the HP online store. In addition, HP also offers printer cartridge repair services that we recommend using. Don’t just throw old ink cartridges in the trash.

How To Change The Ink Cartridge In An Epson Wf-3620

How To Change The Ink Cartridge In An Epson Wf-3620

Finally, tap any metal that has been sealed to remove any solid build-up. Why? Because if you don’t, you could damage your new ink cartridges or the printer itself.

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Remove the empty ink cartridges 4. Replace HP 3630 Ink: Position yourself in front of the printer 5. Then replace the blue door panel.

As shown in the figure below, the paper output tray is located on the front of the printer.

Check it out next. It now has two small switches in the left and right corners. So hold these keys and then gently pull them towards you with your index fingers.

Then look for this door inside the front door. Behind this door are the printer’s ink tanks.

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So, gently hold the inner part with your hand from the top center and gently pull it towards you.

Hold each box by its upper lip and gently pull it toward you. You will feel a click as the locking mechanism releases each cartridge.

Be very gentle as the gold contacts are fragile. See this in the final image on the base shown to the right. If you cut them, bad printing, light printing, off-colors on the page, etc.

How To Change The Ink Cartridge In An Epson Wf-3620

But don’t cut this tape until you’re ready to install it. Why? Opening cartridges and letting them sit unopened can leak ink, get dirty, or damage the contents. So don’t remove the tape until you’ve installed each one.

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Note that the colored box (the one with the dark red top) is on the left as shown in the image below. Then black moves to the base of the right box.

HP Ink Cartridge Recycling Center website for details on how to return your used HP ink cartridges to them for recycling or disposal.

Finally, do not dispose of ink cartridges in the regular trash, as they are non-biodegradable and can contaminate water and food supplies if not recycled. So there are some important things to keep in mind to keep it safe.

Step 1 – Check that the power is on before removing the front cover (C) and paper output tray (D).

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Step 2 – Then open the paper exit cover (E), then the cartridge holder moves to the closed position and the cover (F) opens immediately.

Step 5 – Then remove the new cartridge from the box and carefully remove the protective strap (G).

Step 6 – Insert the new cartridge directly into the back-mounted cartridge. Remember that color ink cartridges should be placed in the left box and black ink cartridges in the right box.

How To Change The Ink Cartridge In An Epson Wf-3620

Step 7 – After that, gently press the cartridge locking lever to lock the cartridge in the correct position.

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Step 8 – If the box lock is clicked, make sure your box is locked in the box you want.

Always remember that even if the cartridge runs out of ink, you can print from it for a while, but you may not get the same quality print as before, so it is better to close it. You must be sure to leave your mailbox. Even if you print with a color ink cartridge and your black cartridge runs out, you must keep it installed until you have a new cartridge to replace it. This is because printing with a single cartridge does not work properly with the machine.

So here are the simple steps and information you need to follow to replace your printer ink cartridge. However, if you find this article on how to replace Canon Pixma Mg3620 Ink Cartridge useful, please do not forget to share the information with others.

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