How To Open Co2 Cartridge

How To Open Co2 Cartridge – So maybe you were like me, you’re afraid of the cylinder. You probably thought that it would just blow up on you, or that when you used it you would end up emitting more CO2 into the sky than into your tube. Or maybe you just contented yourself with pumping your pipe while sitting on the side of the road cursing whatever was just making you flat.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to overcome your fear of CO2 and start making your life easier.

How To Open Co2 Cartridge

How To Open Co2 Cartridge

First, let’s talk about the pieces. There are two parts to a “correct” CO2 setup: the inflator (also known as the nozzle) and the cartridge. Here are the inflators:

Co2 Inflator Pump

The inflators are available in two basic flavors. Those without flow control (ability to stop pressure) and those with flow control. Obviously the benefit to flow control is that you can stop / start it once the paper is sealed. The downside is that they cost a little more (although, as of this writing, those with flow control are selling less than those without). If you’re not in control of the flow, it’s a one-off affair. Either you get it right the first time, or you’re out of stock and no cartridges. Tip: Buy the one with flow control. (While technically it is possible to control the flowless type of control by carefully squeezing and not squeezing the cartridge from the inflator, it seems a little difficult and a little dangerous)

The cartridges are available in different sizes: 12g, 16g or 25g. The smaller ones are designed to fill tires up to around 90 PSI. The larger ones are designed to fill tires up to 120+ PSI. This corresponds to lower pressure tubes like clinchers (typically 90-120 PSI) and tubulars (140-170 PSI) like racing wheels.

What is the difference? Well, simplicity (and patent). Threaded ones are more prone to scratching, so I just use them. They only cost a few cents more. Make sure that if you buy an inflator and cartridges that are not in a small package, you buy compatible ones (threaded with thread and / or non-threaded with non-threaded).

Last but not least, think about how you want to transport the cartons. If you have a seat bag, make sure you have space inside. If you have a tail system on your tricycle, you may be able to design something creative or purchase something. I actually use the bag that came with the small kit and found it fit my Hydrotail perfectly. From there, I just created a small zipper loop that attaches to my Velcro straps for my extra tube. Works great!

What Do You Do With Used Co2 Cartridges?

(Note: If you get this kit like me, throw away the tire levers, they are garbage and will bend on first use)

(Above: side view of a small Hydrotail bag inside, there are two tire levers, two cartridges, a valve / nozzle and a set of bicycle wheels. Below: the same view from above the seats)

After walking through the gravel along the road and being dragged into a race by that ‘something nice …’ that just passed you by the age group M / F 20-29

How To Open Co2 Cartridge

* OK, now comes the change from the default. At this intersection we need to inject some air into the tire to create it on the rim. There are two ways to achieve this. The right way … and the wrong way. We start the wrong way.

Co2 Inflator Buying Guide L Mr Cycling World

However, if you haven’t purchased a flow control unit – then using that nifty thing called your mouth and tongue – press the top of the valve stem and blow some air into it. It’s actually not that difficult. Seriously – try it. Now go to the pile of dead or new pipes and try it out. You will notice that it rises almost immediately to form a tube-like thing.

(Yes I blew it up using just my mouth with a tongue pushing down on the valve, it only takes a few seconds)

So – we have things at the point where the inner tube is inside the tire and the tire and inner tube are close to the rim. Now, let’s get everything right and make sure there aren’t any protruding edges or other funk. Always clean lines, without lumps or inconsistencies.

Now that everything is ready for launch, let’s do a Hail Mary first. That said, it’s time to hope for the best.

Co2 Cartridge Threads

First step: If you don’t have a control valve, take the inflator and connect it to the hose valve first. DO NOT connect it to the board first (unless you have a control valve). You can certainly do this, but this increases the likelihood that your little friends’ valuable content will be sent prematurely (just to say …).

The second step: with your nose on the pipe valve and ready to add air, it’s time to ruin the record. It should screw easily at first, then stop a little. It is at this point that you break the seal on the cartridge and release the CO2 into the wheel.

Once this is done, the tire inflates in about 1.5 seconds. It’s fast. Very fast.

How To Open Co2 Cartridge

Depending on whether you have heavier weight tires (such as a racing wheel), you may need to make another tire to achieve full weight. Remember that driving a low pressure wheel will likely only cause you to puncture again, so make sure you get as much pressure as possible without going over the tube / tire limits.

Co2 Cartridge Adapter

With everything ready, inspect the tire. Make sure everything is still “clean” – fine lines all around too. You don’t want to be flat a few meters down the road due to bumpy tires.

Prepare your small work area along the way: cartridges, tubes, leftovers of Dunkin Donuts, etc … and take it with you. Don’t be the cyclist who leaves litter lying around. Also, if you leave things behind, you will receive a well-deserved penalty on the playing field.

So go – that’s all there is to it. I know I’ve made it play a long time, but it’s actually really fast. When you do it for real, it only takes 2-5 minutes from start to finish, even less if you really practice it. Here is the 10-step version for you:

Now – one last step REALLY IMPORTANT! When you get home, you MUST take off the tire and fill it with regular air (just use a simple standing pump). CO2 as a gas dissipates quickly through the rubber and you will lose about half of your PSI within the next day. Here is a post that explains it well in scientific terms. Just believe me on that – I learned it too. 😉

Grams Co2 Cartridges

That’s it – here you go! Now buy yourself a CO2 kit and save yourself the hassle of a pump on the frame Just like pumps too, when it comes to CO2, fat bikes and extras have special requirements when it comes to inflation. Big, fun tires don’t need much in the way of weight, but they do

In size. If you’re the type who’d rather turn off a CO2 cartridge rather than be cool as you pull the pump out, then overheat while pumping, it might be worth checking out The Fatty Object.

Billed as the first inflator designed specifically for fat bikes, The Fatty Object gains a reputation as a fat bike thanks to a large control knob that is easy to use and control with sleek handles. Machined from aluminum, the inflator fits presta and schrader valves without changing any parts.

How To Open Co2 Cartridge

Of course, you can’t have a fat bike inflator without a fat bike size chart. Along with some other 38g bogies out there (like MSW), the threaded bogie promises a 26 x 4.8 ″ tire boost to 6-7 psi, or a 29 x 3.0 ″ tire at 20-22 psi. As a nice bonus, the card includes an insulated foam case in case you use the inflator

Azur Co2 Threaded Air Cartridge

Together, the inflator and cart have a claimed weight of 80g and the inflator includes a lifetime PDW warranty. You can pick up the inflator / cartridge combo for $ 35.00, and the new cartridges cost $ 12.99.

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