How To Clean An N64 Cartridge

How To Clean An N64 Cartridge – Hello there! Welcome to my first lesson. Got an old N64 that doesn’t work or is really dirty? Then this tutorial is for you. Here is a tutorial on your N64, I will show you how to clean N64 cartridges and N64 controllers. I’m from Holland so my english is not great. Sorry 🙂

Ok let’s get started. Now, the N64 is so simple to build that it only requires a few tools.

How To Clean An N64 Cartridge

How To Clean An N64 Cartridge

The game piece is only available online for about $5. Now that we have the tools, let’s get started.

First Attempt To Clean Up Some N64 Games With A Magic Eraser

In my case the N64 turns on but no picture. After cleaning up I went back to work. This shows how simple and easy it is to fix the N64. Okay, let’s begin. Before removing the screws, the extra memory needs to be removed (if you don’t have it, you can skip a step.) Remove the clip and carefully remove the sticker with a screwdriver. Then try to expel the memory by pushing the memory up and over you. There are special tools for that. But I don’t have it. We’re running out of memory and let’s take apart the rest of the N64.

Flip the N64 over and there are 6 individual Nintendo screws holding the top of the N64 to the bottom. This is the game you really need. Remove the screws and start arranging your screws. You’ll see why in a minute. Turn the N64 over and remove the top section. You will (probably) see a lot of particles and other particles. But you will also find screws.

Take out all the screws… all millions of them. Just kidding.. but remove every single screw. Collect them all, take the metal thermos and block the shields until only one board remains. Turn on your compressor and blow the board clean. Cuticles can be cleaned with a special cleaning tool or a paper towel with some nail polish.

All plastic covers can simply be placed in the sink and cleaned with a little soap and water. Remove the optical lens and clean the underside so as not to lose metal parts. To best clean the top, the coil spring must be removed. Tip: Dry plastic parts with compressed air; It will dry quickly. Cleaning Kit Compatible With N64 (nintendo 64) Console And Video Game Cartridges By 1upcard

Now that everything is clean, you can put your N64 back together. Place the metal shield back on the table and place the shield back on the table in the lower section. Then put the metal parts for the temperature back on the table. Make sure the controller ports are clean before installation. This can be done with a slightly damp paper towel.

Clear the memory before opening the top again. Use the small game piece to open it. Then just clean the plastic and metal parts with soap and water. It won’t get too dirty, but it’s a good idea to clean it after removing the metal contacts with a cotton swab and nail polish.

Then secure the top with 6 screws. Then the extra memory is sealed with a sticker and it’s as if nothing happened.

How To Clean An N64 Cartridge

N64 can be given a shine with a little WD40. Take a paper towel and some WD40 and cover the N64. Let it sit for a few hours and let the WD40 soak into the plastic. After a while take a clean towel and wipe the left side with WD40 and you have a fresh N64.

N64 Cartridge Slot

A clean console needs clean cartridges. The cartridges are held together by 2 Nintendo screws. Use your game piece to break it apart. Inside you will find 2 phillips screws holding down the metal cover. Disassemble the case and clean the plastic parts inside the metal with soap and water. Clean the table with cotton swabs and nail polish remover. Note that they have some cartridges with batteries. Now is the time to change it.

Before testing the N64, make sure it is completely dry. Otherwise you can short circuit the N64 and who knows what will happen. After cleaning, Test if your console works. Now, if that doesn’t work, something might be broken or still broken. In this case, you need to learn electronics in depth to repair it. If it works, congratulations! You have a working N64. You can take it a step further by cleaning your controller.

Turn the controller over and remove the 7 screws on the back. Next, there are 2 screws hidden in the expansion connector. Now open it up and take out the 3 screws that hold the joystick in place and the electronic bits will come out. Set the rubber aside and clean the outer casing and buttons with soap and water.

You can clean the rubber contacts with a cotton swab and nail polish remover. The table has 3 hidden rubber pads. You can easily pop them out and clean the rubber blocks. As with the cartridge case, you can clean this extension hole with paper towels and nail polish remover.

How Can I Get Rid Of The Rust In N64 Cartridges?

Now everything is clear, You can add it again. Start by putting the buttons back on with the rubber. Then install the board and try to install the left and right switches there. Make sure the cable is not attached to the screw hole. Then everything is just put together and done. Apply some WD40 to the joystick for extra cleaning/lubrication. Anyway, if you mess up, you might want to replace the joystick.N64 games are great… when they work. As with cartridge-based games; N64 games will benefit from a thorough cleaning every now and then. Air dust, a bottle of alcohol and some q tips will do the trick for most cartridges.

Until the development of CD-based consoles such as the PlayStation, every game had to deal with cartridges. for a long time, Cleaning the cartridges and cartridge slots of your console is another task you must do to keep your games running.

Nintendo 64 game cases are some of the most notoriously difficult to keep clean. Any gamer who grew up with the system remembers angrily punching their cartridges when they couldn’t launch their game.

How To Clean An N64 Cartridge

However, it is not recommended to blow into the cartridge; This is often counterproductive, pushing dirt and grime further into internal components. Since N64 game cartridges are no longer being made, you need to know how to properly care for them to maintain longevity.

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Without further ado, here’s a foolproof guide on how to install and clean N64 game cartridges so you can enjoy them for decades to come.

Depending on the depth of the cleaning job you want to do, you may need some or all of the following tools.

Taking apart game cartridges can be more work than you’re used to, but the only way to thoroughly clean cartridges is to open the plastic cases and access the circuitry underneath.

Congratulations, You have removed the N64 cartridge. But don’t celebrate just yet – now begin the delicate process of actually cleaning the parts.

Is There Any Way To Remove These Food Stains On The Cartridge Label? They Are Tough As Nails And Refuse To Come Off.

There are three main ways to clean a circuit board. Which one is best depends on how old the cartridge is. It depends on how long it has been since the last cleaning.

Therefore, if your cartridge looks like something Indiana Jones would dig up. It’s too late to deep clean. Plus, your Games have done so much for you, so the least you can do is give them the ultimate spa treatment.

Air dusting is a safe and effective way to remove dirt and other debris from your cartridges. Whether you’re using a can of compressed air or electronic dust, you’ll need to blow along the bottom of the circuit.

How To Clean An N64 Cartridge

This method is safer for your case because the circuit board does not need to be exposed to small moisture particles or breathe.

Anyone Know A Good Way To Clean And Reset Pins In An N64 Cart Slot?

If you are trying to get the game to work again, this method can do the trick. If the game still does not work, You need to pull up your sleeves and go to two-way and three-way.

The copper metal contacts at the bottom of the circuit board are the part that needs to be cleaned because they interact with the control board itself.

After cleaning, let the circuit dry for five to ten minutes. You may be tempted.

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