How To Unclog Epson Printer Head

How To Unclog Epson Printer Head – Don’t throw away your Epson printer just yet! Many people assume that when their printhead stops working, it’s time to buy a new printer. However, it is usually possible to clean the printheads and get your printer up and running again quickly and easily using the instructions below.

To keep your printer running smoothly, you should clean its inkjet heads regularly. This simple maintenance process prevents clogging and ensures your printed pages are clear and sharp. Here are tips for cleaning your inkjet printer heads.

How To Unclog Epson Printer Head

How To Unclog Epson Printer Head

Note: Do not let your fingers touch the nozzles during the entire printhead cleaning process. These contacts can damage them and affect the quality of your printouts.

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You can quickly and easily clean the printheads from your computer. You just have to make sure the paper tray is loaded. These instructions may vary slightly depending on the brand of printer.

After this procedure, you will manually remove any remaining ink and paper residue from your printer. If your printer is still performing poorly after cleaning and deep cleaning your printheads, there may be a problem with the printheads.

Computer Solve is a technology hub for young tech bloggers who write to solve problems and provide knowledge related to different niches. We cover most topics from different segments. Our blog is fresh and offers solutions to maximum problems on Windows and macOS computers. I work in information technology and am often asked to fix a printer that is blurry or smudged and produces poor quality output. Often this is due to the ink running out and the printheads drying.

If the printer runs out of ink, the printheads will jam. Sometimes a thorough cleaning with new ink fixes the problem, but if not, a manual printhead cleaning is required.

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In this post I will show you how to make your own printhead cleaning solution. And how to manually clean and flush the print head for all types of printer ink. This procedure works for all brands of inkjet printers like Canon, HP and Epson.

Now you can buy a ready-made used head cleaning kit or make your own using some household products like Windex and rubbing alcohol. Also known as isopropyl alcohol.

I like to make my homemade printhead cleaning solution with 8 parts Windex to 2 parts rubbing alcohol. Windex is used to clean windows and rubbing alcohol is also known as isopropyl alcohol. These are the items I need to quickly and easily create solutions when needed.

How To Unclog Epson Printer Head

They last forever in a sealed bottle, ready for the next time you need a printhead cleaning solution around the house.

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First, turn on your Canon printer and remove all ink cartridges. I like to wrap it in Glad Wrap plastic so it doesn’t dry out or leak.

For safety, turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. You will now see the silver printhead filter. This is what we will be cleaning as it can clog with dry ink.

Fold the paper towel several times and place it under the Canon print head. You may have to rock the print head back and forth to get the paper towels under the print head. I had to experiment a bit to get the paper towel width and height right to fit under the printhead.

Paper towels are used to catch the dry ink that flows freely from the printhead filter after we start flushing. You can also use printer paper that has been folded several times. But paper towels work best.

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I like to clean each Canon print head filter individually and not just the clogged one. Squeeze some cleaning solution into the silver ink filter. The liquid can be sucked in immediately or bubbled over it.

If the bubbles are at the top you will have to wait 10 minutes to see if they filter and clear the clog.

If it’s flowing properly, you should see some colored ink build up on the paper towels under the printheads. Replace the paper towels under the printheads as soon as they begin to fill up with old ink and cleaning solution.

How To Unclog Epson Printer Head

After cleaning the printhead several times, I want to let the printhead dry the remaining cleaning solution. An hour is enough to completely drain the remaining solution.

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Using the Canon software, perform a deep cleaning of the printhead to remove residual solution and refill the filter with new ink. You now get perfect printing results.

Watch this short video showing how to clear a clogged printhead on an Epson printer.

If you have had your printhead deep cleaned by Canon and you still have lines and smudges on your printer paper, manual cleaning is required. You can also perform a printhead alignment in case something moves.

If the printhead cleaning does not work, replace the ink. Sometimes the ink tank can be damaged.

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Yes, manual printhead cleaning is required if the deep cleaning software does not work. Remove the ink tank and place a paper towel under the printhead. Use printhead cleaning solution and a syringe to flush through the printheads. Wait for it to dry completely and replace the ink.

Try a thorough cleaning of the software from the Printer Maintenance tab. If this does not clean the printheads satisfactorily, you will need to perform a manual cleaning with some printhead cleaning solutions.

You can tell if the print head is clogged if any of the following printing problems occur.

How To Unclog Epson Printer Head

Sometimes heating the cleaning solution to around 45 degrees Celsius will help clear stubborn printhead clogs.

How To Clean Printer Heads Using Household Products Canon, Hp, Epson

I like to warm up the printhead cleaning solution in a bowl of hot water. Once it’s up to temperature, you can insert it into the syringe and push it into the printhead’s ink well. Remember to place a paper towel under the printhead to catch any excess solution.

Yes, I have used rubbing alcohol to clean the printheads in the past. This works well, but be aware that since it’s not as pure as isopropyl alcohol, it may leave some fine residue that needs to be rinsed out before using the printer.

After cleaning the printhead with 8 parts denatured alcohol and 2 parts Windex, you need to deep clean with printer ink to remove any dirt. This is done via the printer software.

I’ve cleaned hundreds of printheads over the past few years and there are some stubborn printheads. The 8-part DIY Windex for 2-part rubbing alcohol is the ultimate cleaning solution.

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Sometimes bubbles can form in the continuous ink supply system, which can cause problems like clogged printheads. So make sure to remove any air bubbles in the hose.

I have been a qualified industrial electrician for 20 years and am happy to pass on my knowledge of DIY.

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How To Unclog Epson Printer Head

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How To Unclog Epson Printer Head

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