What Is An Hte Cartridge

What Is An Hte Cartridge – We love reviewing new Illinois cannabis products and adding new Illinois brands to our review series. The same goes for the High Terpene Extract (HTE) cartridge of Mujahideen Ghosts by Bedford Grove that I got from Dispensary 33.

Mujahideen strain ghosts are a three-way cross between Afghani, Blockhead and Ghost Dawg. This new Bedford Grow .5g cartridge is a potent high terpene extract listed at 72.56% total THC and 0.29% CBD.

What Is An Hte Cartridge

What Is An Hte Cartridge

The terpene profile in the lab tests lists terpenes I’ve never heard of, and the dominant terpene is also unusually suspicious. This HTE cartridge has about 40% more terpinolene than other terpenes. Subsequent terpenes include 17.5% β-caryophyllene, 16% β-myrcene, and about 8% limonene.

Tropicana Cookies / High Terpene Extract Cartridge

After the familiar α-humulene, the next terpene I haven’t seen much of in lab tests, or at least not 1.7%, is p-cymene. Other terpenes I don’t see often include valencene, 3-carene, β-phellandrene, and sabinene.

This combination of terpenes is credited for the combination of citrus, peppermint and pine. The front end is very strong citrus mixed with mint and pine. The flavor has hints of cinnamon, hops and cumin. I was expecting more of a sativa cartridge than this heavy indica. With a nice low end, each current is smoother than almost any other cartridge I’ve sampled.

The powerful effects hit quickly and although the first part of the launch gives some energy and a strong open head high, it doesn’t last long. The powerful sedation and relaxation effects are quickly acquired and create a heavy mental and physical high. The resulting brain highs lead to mental breakdown and fatigue.

The body noise was impressive and once anchored lasted for several hours. The ghosts of the Mujahideen HTE cartridge also worked up my appetite, but I tried not to eat as it was getting late.

Green Truck Cartridge

Overall, I’m enjoying Bedford Grow’s new High Terpene Extract cartridge and will buy it over my previous purchase, especially if they come in a high-energy sativa strain. I also want to try and compare mujahideen ghost flowers today.

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What Is An Hte Cartridge

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