How To Change Ink On Canon Pixma

How To Change Ink On Canon Pixma – Every time the printer is turned on or starts printing, or when the user performs cleaning or deep cleaning, make sure that the print head cleaning pump absorbs the ink and the printer is ready for use. This process produces waste ink which is collected in an ink absorber. Until one day the ink absorber is full and an error message appears: Ink absorber full, error code [5B00] or [5B01]. This error occurred twice. The first error occurs when the ink absorber is almost full, reaching approximately 95% capacity. When the ink absorber is almost full, when the printer is used for printing, the alarm LED will flash orange 8 times and a message will appear: “WARNING: The ink absorber is almost full, error code: [1700] or [1701] ” to exit the error Press the Resume/Cancel button and continue printing. This error message is called “operator call error” and will always appear every time the printer is used to print. The second error is called a “service call error”. Service call errors occur when the ink absorber is full (100%) and when the printer is turned on, the alarm and power LEDs blink orange 7 times, and when checking the printer status, a message appears: “The ink absorber is full, error code: [5B00 ] or [5B01]. ” Problem description Operator Call Error LED (flashing orange): 8 times Error: Warning: The ink absorber is almost full. Error code: [1700] [1701]

An operator call error occurs when the ink absorber is approximately 95% full. Service Call Errors Cycles of Blinking of Alarm and Power LED: 7 times Error: Ink Absorber Full Error Code: Overseas [5B00], Japan [5B01] Conditions: Ink absorber must be full.

How To Change Ink On Canon Pixma

How To Change Ink On Canon Pixma

A service call error occurs when the ink absorber is full (100%). Solution Repair is done in two steps: 1. Replace the ink absorber 2. Reset the waste ink counter 1. Replace the ink absorber Before replacing the ink absorber, make sure you buy a new ink absorber with PN for Canon iP4600 / iP4680. .QY5-0234-000. PN.QY5-0234-000 Ink Absorber contains 9 ink absorbent sheets and each sheet has a different shape and size. See the photo below.

Canon Pixma Mg2522 Wired All In One Color Inkjet Printer [usb Cable Included], White

If a new absorbent is not available in the market, an alternative solution is to clean the old ink absorbent and install it again. Here is how to clean the ink absorber: Soak the ink absorber in a container full of water, if the water becomes cloudy, replace the water with a new one. Repeat soaking until the ink absorbent is clean. After the absorbent ink is cleaned, dry it in the sun or let it dry. Make sure the ink absorber is completely dry before installing. Once dry, pull the absorbent ink to expand. During cleaning, the ink absorber will empty. Pull the ink absorber so that it expands because the air cavity in the ink absorber contains the waste ink. After the ink absorbent dries and swells, replace it in the original position. The ink absorber on the Canon iP4600/iP4680 is located under the printer. To replace or clean it, the printer must first be disassembled. Here’s how to disassemble a Canon iP4600 / iP4680 printer. 1. Remove the AC adapter, rear guide unit, rear guide cover and cassette unit. 2. Remove the paper support unit and access cover. By pressing both sides of the paper support, the center will release a little, leaving the left and right bosses. 3. Remove the main case cover left and right. While inserting a flat-blade screwdriver etc. into the space under the main case cover and pressing down on the pawl, slide the main case cover to the front of the printer. 4. Remove the left side cover. 5. Remove the side cover to the right. 6. Remove the front door unit. While the center of the paper output tray is slightly bent, release the left and right bosses. 7. Remove the panel cover unit (1 screw). 8. Remove the main case unit. 9. Remove the printer motor completely without removing all the parts. 10. Replace or clean the ink absorber and make sure that it is installed in its original position. Below is an overview of the printer disassembly process. Canon iP4600, iP4680 Disassembly Procedure After replacing or cleaning the ink absorber, reassemble the printer and make sure that the assembly is done properly to avoid new, unwanted damage. After assembly is complete, the next step is to reset the waste chain counter to zero. Use Service Tool v.1020 to reset Canon iP4600/iP4680. Follow the steps below on how to reset the waste ink counter to zero. 2. Reset Waste Ink Counter To reset the printer with Service Tool v.1020, it must be in service mode. Here is how to enter service mode for Canon iP4600 / iP4680. Step 1 – Enter Service Mode Service Mode Operation Procedure: 1. Turn on the printer 2. Press and hold the Resume / Cancel button 3. Press and hold the Power button (do not release both buttons.) 4. Resume / Cancel button Release ( Do not release the Power button.) 5. While holding the Power button, press the Resume / Cancel button 2 times and then release the Power button. Note When the Power LED lights green, the printer is ready for service mode. If the Power LED does not turn green, the printer cannot enter service mode. Please turn off the printer and then repeat the operation procedure for service mode. Step 2 – Reset the waste ink counter

Questions and Answers Question: When the D value is reset to zero, but the ink absorber is not changed or cleaned. Will the printer be normal? A: By resetting the D value to zero, the printer will return to normal. However, in the near future, the waste ink will overflow from the printer, because the ink absorbent can no longer absorb the waste ink. Resetting the D value to zero is effective if the ink absorber has been replaced or cleaned before. Q: Where can I find other Canon service tools? A: For complete information regarding the Canon Service Tool collection, please open the Canon Service Tool version Q: I do not know which service tool my printer supports, where can I find information about it? A: For complete information regarding Canon printers and service tools used, please open Canon Service tool and supported printers Q: Service tool cannot be opened, error code appears: 002, 005, 006 when service tool is used. what to do A: Full discussion about errors when using the service tool, please read the following post Canon Service Tool Error Code Mean (error code: 002, 005, 006, 007, 009, etc.) Canon iP4600, iP4680 for repair error for full ink absorber , Error code: [5B00] or [5B01] is done in two steps. Replace or clean the ink absorber, then reset the D value to zero. If you have trouble doing it yourself, please contact the nearest Canon service center or the nearest printer repair shop. If we insert a new cartridge and the printer says ‘not recognized’ or “cartridge is empty and will not print”. “

You want to learn how to replace ink cartridge Canon Pixma Mg3620, but before that you need to remember some important points to handle it carefully.

Step 1 – Before opening the front cover (C) and the paper output tray (D), check that the power is still on.

New Canon Pixma Tr4722 (4522) Color Printer Wireless All In One Scan Copy Fax

Step 2 – Then open the paper output cover (E) after which the cartridge holder moves to the replacement position and the head cover (F) opens automatically.

Step 5 – Then remove the new cartridge from its package and carefully remove the protective tape (G).

Step 6 – Now fit the new cartridge directly into the cartridge holder so that it touches the back. Please note that color ink cartridges must be inserted in the left slot while black ink cartridges must be inserted in the right slot.

How To Change Ink On Canon Pixma

Step 7 – Next, gently press the ink cartridge locking button to lock the cartridge into the correct position.

How To Ij Start Canon Tr4522 Setup

Step 8 – If the ink cartridge lock lever makes a clicking sound, be sure that your cartridge is fixed in the designated place.

Always remember that even if a cartridge runs out of ink, you can print with it for a while, but you will not get the same high quality as before, so it is always better to replace it. You should also emphasize the point that you should never leave your cartridge folder empty. Even if you print with a color ink cartridge and your black cartridge is round, you must keep the empty cartridge installed until you can replace it with a new one. This is because printing with only one cartridge may make the machine work inefficiently.

So you need to follow these simple and easy steps and information to replace your printer ink cartridge. However, if you find this article useful on how to change it

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